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Sunday November 23rd 2014


String player AND Actor? I Want You!

I'm starting a new film project if I can find a few essential elements. First, I'm looking for an experienced feature film producer who is passionate about classical music. Second, she or he needs to be skilled at putting together pre-sales for a medium budget film.

That's the easy part. The film is going to be about the musically and personally intertwined lives of four people who are forming a string quartet. Everyone will need to be a world-class string player, able to act convincingly in English, (more)

and willing and able to spend the time necessary to create a real string quartet, as well as take the month or two filming will require. A passion for Beethoven 131 is a plus. Feel free to post this on graduate music schools everywhere. I will be looking at both acting and musical tapes. Many thanks -


iTablet Beta Tester Breaks Embargo iTablet Beta Tester Breaks »

Recently I was given just 24 hours to explore a first production build of the Apple iTablet -- and here [...]

Sarah Palin Snags Ziggy Honors Sarah Palin Snags Ziggy Honors »

I had abandoned my plans to buy Sarah Palin's autobiography. You know how it is -- you hear about what is [...]

Etch A Sketch and Google Announce E-Book for Kids Etch A Sketch and Google »

Search and advertising giant Google and Ohio Art, maker of the children’s classic drawing toy announced [...]

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The Supreme Court Makes The »

The Supreme Court Makes The Supreme Sacrifice: Jim Lehrer Goes First

Sonogram machines arrive in every town and hamlet in China. The unintended consequence? Female birthrates plunge as parents heed early warnings. Craig [Read More]

Thinking Things Through

Toyota Brings Perfection To Corporate Meltdown Toyota Brings Perfection To Corporate Meltdown »

Edwards Deming would be so proud. The man who endowed the Japanese with a passion for quality after [...]

Vet Option Pushes Healthcare Debate in Radical New Direction Vet Option Pushes Healthcare Debate in Radical »

With the possibility that the health insurance reform bill may be headed for a reconciliation [...]

New York Times Leads Call To Illiteracy — Will Shrink Allowable Vocabulary New York Times Leads Call To Illiteracy — »

Years ago, Fortune magazine ran a powerful advertising campaign using the slogan, “There’s [...]


The Long Republican Nightmare Begins: Democare

The Long Republican Nightmare Begins: Democare

With the passage of health care insurance reform finally assured, the Democrats face the next huge hurdle. And this one may be even more important than finally passing the massively complex and politically perilous legislation. The time has come to name whatever this thing is so the Democrats can frame and sell their handiwork to the country and [...]

How Much Is A Book Worth?

How Much Is A Book Worth?

Our favorite Italian restaurant recently sent us a note with the news that truffle season was upon us once again and we might consider coming in for a few grams of the freshly shaved fungi on our pasta, for a princely supplemental increment of $60 a garnish. Seems reasonable, in a way, when I discover that white Alba truffles are up at $3000 a [...]

I Trusted You

I Trusted You

Isn’t it great that our kids are stuck with us for a fairly lengthy period of time? If we screw up and say something that perhaps wasn’t the best possible parenting expression, they’re going to be around tomorrow, too. We’re going to get another chance to do better. This is extremely important in the realm of parenting. Most of us have [...]